bringing hope to women 

my Church family 

I've been blessed to be a part of Saddleback Church since 2005. Our church has inspired me and dared me to live on purpose. Pastor Rick is continuously stretching my faith to do more for God's Kingdom. Our "Decade of Destiny" campaign radically changed my life and confirmed I was to leave the business world and go into Ministry full time.  

my favorite things to do

I lean on the adventurous side. I LOVE to talk, laugh and socialize. Working out with hubby is one of my favorite daily things to do besides walking, hiking and running with my dog. I also love to travel as I'm fascinated by people and different cultures. I believe that is where I learn the most. I have a bit of a competitive edge which is one of the main reasons I dared to bungee jump (pic on left) because my hubby didn't think I would! LOVE LOVE LOVE TO READ!  

my best friend, Sis

Everyone needs a "go to person" that loves the Lord with all their heart, accepts the messy you, holds your hand when needed, prays for you and loves you unconditionally. My sister is the only person I know that will have 12 hour luncheons to catch up with me (and the only reason we leave is because the restaurant has to close at some point). NOT KIDDING! She's been there for me through thick and thin and is my best friend! When we're together, our husbands already know not to file a missing persons report because our time together is priceless. 

my parents

I can't say enough about the blessing and 

example my parents have been (and still are) in my life. They are the truest servants of God I have ever witnessed and I thank the Lord for placing me under their care.  

georgina behind the scenes

my dog

I have an immense love for dogs. Always have! Meet Dooley...he pretty much runs the household. He keeps me active, playful and is a fountain of endless love! 

my family

This is us:) Normal (what is normal anyway?) every day people walking this journey together. My family is the love of my life! I am blessed with the privilege of being a mother and a wife to these beautiful people! 

                                      Georgina Verzal is passionate about the life-changing power of Jesus Christ                                           and has set out to share the Good News wherever God calls her. This hasn’t                                           always been the case…

                                      Georgina was the youngest of four children raised in a loving Christian home,                                         daughter of International Evangelical Speaker & Author Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz,                                       niece of world renowned Evangelist Luis Palau and Ed Silvoso & raised among                                         prominent ministry leaders. 

                                      Georgina, however, chose her own way and did not make an early serious                                             commitment to Jesus Christ. After years of parting from God she finally let go                                       and let God take charge! Now she lives to tell others about the Power of                                              Jesus Christ!

                                     Georgina has shared the Gospel and spoken not only around the US but also                                          in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, throughout Europe and also South America. During her travels she also trains, encourages and equips others on how to easily & effectively share their testimony to reach others for Christ.

In between her busy schedule Georgina is also currently expanding her Biblical knowledge with Logos Christian University. Georgina is an Ordained Minister and is an active member of the Luis Palau Next Generation of Evangelist Alliance. 

Georgina, her husband and her two adult kids reside in Orange County, California. 


georgina verzal